“Bloop One.”


“Bloop One.” is an artist/graffiti writer out of Indianapolis, Indiana in his mid-20’s who has been writing on walls since age 3, began on a classical route at a young age with charcoal drawings then progressed into painting and other forms of art in his teens. “Bloop” first picked up a spray can at age 14 and messed around but didn’t take it seriously until years later. “Bloop” actually started doing art on the streets by using stencils at first but got bored with more traditional “street art” and slowly began to get back into writing graffiti. “Bloop One.” started writing 4-5 years ago around Indianapolis and other cities in the mid-west mostly with tags, a year later progressed into throws and characters, and soon after full pieces. “Bloop One.” ran on the southside and downtown of Indianapolis hard for a while, then had to take a “court-ordered” two year hiatus…during which he took the time to sharpen skills, develop new ways of doing graffiti and taking those elements into other forms of art.

Bloop One. #GetSome graffiti artist getsome spray paint Indianapolis drawing Bloop get some painting art spray can blooponeR murals throws tags handstyle canvas walls Bloop One_GetSome

Bloop One. | #GetSome

“Bloop One.” likes to take traditional old school styled graffiti and turning it on it’s head while keeping that familiar feel intact. Has done murals, full walls, characters, all the way down to clean throws, tags, and many other non-traditional pieces as well. All pieces are freestyled 95% of the time as well. You won’t see him holding a black book while doing a piece. He likes to really keep the spontaneous nature of graffiti intact on whatever piece is being done, from a canvas to a wall. Whatever feels right at the time. “Bloop” decided after his hiatus to take art on full-time while still keeping the streets at arms reach.

Much Love and Respect to “Bloop One.” for being a dedicated member of the #GetSome team! This dude goes hard… “all day… every day” #GetSome

Peep some of “Bloop One.’s” pieces on the blog and check out the “#GetSome Art Shop” for current pieces he has for sale!

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