Christian Nolan


Name: Christian Nolan
Role: #GetSome’s Skate Team Rider
Age: 15 <<< “and skates harder than any of you older toys!” via “ghost”
Skating Since: a lil’ grom
Hometown: “The Cloud” FLA
Sponsors: #GetSome Clothing, FOR NOW & FOR LIFE!!!
Hobbies: Surfing, Wake Skating, Anything w/ a board. pwning “ghost” on BadCompany3 (join the official #GetSome Battlefield 3 Xbox Platoon)
Music: Old School Hip Hop, Roots Reggae, Punk
First Skate Park: Phat City Skatepark – Kissimmee, FL
All Time Favorite Skaters: Mike Rosa & Torey Pudwill
Favorite Thing to Skate: Rails and Ledges

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Christian Nolan | #GetSome

Much Love and Respect to Christian for only being 15 and having the heart and determination to be the best everyday! That is what makes him and the #GetSome team UNBEATABLE! “all day… every day” #GetSome

Peep some of Christian’s skate videos on the blog and check out the “#GetSome Shop” to cop the latest threads and more!

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