“ghostintheflesh” is the founder and CEO of this machine he calls #GetSome. By day he leads a normal life, but when night falls he transforms into a man with a dream to takeover every train car in site with his spray cans. Bombing everything with graffiti he can get his hands on!

“ghost” has also been deejaying and making hip hop beats since he was 9 years old and has always had a passion for the underground hip hop. Those tracks you would never hear on the radio… but the tracks that are better than anything you would ever hear on the radio. He was always digging in the crates.

“one of us, equals many of us.
disrespect one of us, you`ll see plenty of us!”

“My mission for #GetSome is simple: I am looking to build with talented hip hop emcees, deejays, skaters and graffiti artists that are dedicated to their skillz and their team! I am not in this for the money… I am in this for the love and passion I have for the culture! We at #GetSome are a family! You have to believe in the “all day… every day” motto because that is how we roll at #GetSome, which is why…

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