Mygrane McNastee – “Energy Raw” Video ft. a Payphone

by on April 17, 2012

Mygrane McNastee Native to Orlando, Cleavland and New York has captured many listeners with a universal vibe, an outstanding voice and electric charisma. The origin of the name MyGrane is, one who follows his own grains and makes music with no Rules. McNastee simply means MC+Nasty!

Recently interviewed on the World Famous Wake up Show, by Sway and King Tech, and Hitting the stage to perform his talents as headliner and opening act
Bringing forth originality with consciously crazy content Mygrane is like no other!

*The Payphone was not harmed in the making of this Video!*

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Mygrane McNastee | #GetSome

Check out more of Mygrane McNastee on the “VETS OF KIN” album, Mygranehiphop.com and Mygranemcnastee.bandcamp.com