Justin Schrock


NAME: Justin Schrock / jschrock
Role: #GetSome Skateboard Team Rider
Skating Since: 2002
Sponsors: #Getsome, Dubpress Distribution, Flow Tork Trux, Filmbot Grip
Hometown/Resides: KC
First skate park: North park (pleasant valley)
Music: “I listen to all types of music” <<< ‘lame answer’ via “ghost
Skaters that influenced me: “I gotta put Rosa on this list! Marc Johnson and all the homies from KC!”
Favorite thing to skate: “New spots!”

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Justin Schrock - "fs feeble" | #GetSome

Much Love and Respect to Justin for being a dedicated member of the #GetSome team! Reppin’ KC… “all day… every day” #GetSome
Peep some of Justin’s skate footage on the site and check out the “#GetSome Thread Shop” to cop your threads!

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