Shinobi Stalin


The word artistic integrity seems like something of the past nowadays. We live in a world where many musicians sell their soul to make the big pay day with little effort to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation to grow on. The Bronx born Orlando raised emcee Shinobi Stalin is the counter thesis of this new age way of thinking. Bound to the culture of Hip Hop, His moral obligations to preserving and making a meaningful impact in the genre has shinned through on his album Zombie SKool.

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Shinobi Stalin | #GetSome

Much Love and Respect to Shinobi Stalin for being a dedicated member of the #GetSome team! Stalin is part of a select few in this world that puts everything into what he loves… “all day… every day” #GetSome

Peep some of Shinobi’s videos on the blog and check out the “#GetSome Shop” to cop the same tee Stalin is rocking in his pic and download your copy of Zombie SKool!

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