SICK ONE is a native of THE south side of Chicago, BRIDGEPORT to be exact… Since a very young age SICK ran the streets doing graffiti and dabbling in crime… As time past SICK found himself getting more involved in the streets, and in and out of jail.. After doing time in DOC he decided to start doing more with himself, and try to turn things around for the better.. As friends past away and things started to change in the neighborhood, SICK decided to channel his experiences and thoughts through music… emceeing always been a talent for him, but it was not until around ’04 that he stated really recording and trying to take it serious.

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SICK ONE | #GetSome

He began slaying industry beats with freestyles, which will later result into the ”YELLOW GATE MIXTAPE” and stayed in the studio doing that until he felt like it was time to take in to the next level.. He hooked up with a producer, who also was a BRIDGEPORT native who went by the name of CEE THE CHEF, Together along with the help of another BRIDGEPORT producer by the name of SKINNY HOLMES, they started to work on SICK ONE’S first independent album… They cooked up what would turn out to be nearly a underground classic ”THE LAST ONE LEFT”… 14 tracks of pure golden era type hip hop.. and from their the rest was history… SICK would continue to work non stop on his craft… His buzzed grew bigger and the songs got better.. SICK would go on to release a handful of videos from ”THE LAST ONE LEFT” and prove that this music was far from a just a hobby….. After the great feed back and response from the streets on ”THE LAST ONE LEFT” ….. SICK is rite back with his second independent album ”LORD FORGIVE ME” …….. With production from the same producers who brought you classics from the first album… LORD FORGIVE ME is highly anticipated by the streets…. more than four videos from the album which has yet to drop, have been posted.. making it well known that his new album is just another example on why SICK ONE is a force to be reckon with…. Remember the name and face, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SEEING A LOT MORE OF IT IN TIME TO COME!!!! I ASSURE YOU THAT!!!