Unique Assassin


Familiar but unlike anyone before him, Unique Assassin brings a fun original twist to the boom bap sound underground hip hop heads know and love. With the twist of suburban life and drug culture, UA breathes what it is to be hip hop with no boundaries. This Chicago born, Orlando bread emcee draws influences from his mid west roots, southern surroundings, and knowledge for the music. This self proclaimed party rapier rapper says, “I can chop your head of in conversion or drink you under the table. Pick your poison”

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Unique Assassin | #GetSome

Much Love and Respect to Unique Assassin for holding it down as an “OFFICIAL” member of the #GetSome team! UA is dedicated to keeping underground hip hop alive on the daily! Being only the 2nd person to have the #GetSome logo tattooed on his skin (pic straight out of the chair) says enough by itself! “all day… every day” #GetSome

Check out Unique Assassin on the “VETS OF KIN” album and MAKE SURE you cop his EP- “Spelling Bee Champ”!

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